Getting Started with Planbase

This page will help you get started with Planbase. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Welcome to the Planbase API documentation! Here, you'll find authentication steps and details on supported endpoints and methods.The Planbase API, based on REST principles, features resource-focused URLs, form-encoded payloads, JSON responses, and standard HTTP codes, authentication, and verbs.


Session Tokens

  • Session tokens are best suited for general and short-term API interactions. They're tied to your user profile and inherit its permissions. Due to their temporary nature, these tokens are ideal for routine, non-permanent, or non-integration focused tasks.
  • Accessing the Token: To obtain a session token, please sign in to your Planbase account. You can conveniently do this by selecting the 'Login' option situated at the top right corner of this page or directly sign in to Planbase at
  • Using the Token: Upon successful login, a session token will be auto-populated on this API documentation page. To test the validity of the token, you may click the "Try Me" button on any get_all route.
  • Token Permissions: Please note that the session token's permissions will mirror the permissions associated with your user profile.
  • Token Expiry: Session tokens are not perpetual and do have an expiration time. To renew your token, simply click on the 'Refresh Token' button, available on every endpoint documentation page.

Persistent Tokens

  • Persistent tokens are perfect for long-term, integration-focused tasks, or when you need to grant different permissions than those associated with your user profile. Furthermore, if you require a token not tied to any specific user profile, a persistent token is the optimal choice.
  • Obtaining a Persistent Token: If your project necessitates a non-expiring token, log into the app > settings > Add API key